Five Reasons Why You Need Masonry Repairs in NJ Before Winter

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Five Reasons Why You Need Masonry Repairs in NJ Before Winter

Does your home in NJ feature masonry? Masonry, otherwise known as work with brick, stone, and other hard surfaces, can bring beauty and long-lasting stability to the exterior of your home. But just like any other surface, it can be damaged and need repair! Should you do those repairs next spring, or before winter sets in? The sooner the better—keep reading to find 5 reasons why!

1. Slips and falls are more likely in winter. Once that snow and ice starts falling, your flat masonry surfaces may become dangerous—especially if they are uneven, cracked, or displaced! Fixing masonry damage before the winter months is a vital tool for your family and guests’ safety.

2. Masonry repairs in NJ get completed more quickly in warmer weather. Masonry work is not an all-season task! In fact, even in the fall months, masonry work is often waylaid by fall storms, excessive wind, or snow. While work can usually be resumed once the weather clears, it’s better to start as soon as you can. Once temperatures dip below freezing, masonry work in NJ has to stop.

3. Leaks in masonry grow larger with temperature changes. When water freezes, it expands. Most people have been guilty of “exploding” a bottle of soda or other beverage at some point in their life by forgetting it was cooling in the freezer, or leaving it in the car on a chilly night. The same principles of physics can tear your masonry apart, starting with small cracks. Once the water gets in, the crack grows bigger, allowing even more water in next time!

4. Smoother shoveling. Speaking of those cracks, isn’t it a pain when your snow shovel gets stuck on an uneven walkway? Avoid those jolting pains up your arms when your masonry is in good condition.

5. Stains can diagnose damage. Did you know that most staining on vertical masonry is due to water damage? If your masonry is stained in unusual places, you would benefit from having a mason contractor in Northern NJ evaluate it. Repairs are much less expensive than replacements, especially for big masonry projects!

Don’t wait! Call RFC Excavation today to repair your masonry before winter hits!

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