General Contractors in Hawthorne NJ Share Winterization Tips for Your Masonry

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General Contractors in Hawthorne NJ Share Winterization Tips for Your Masonry

Winter is on the way! General and masonry contractors in Hawthorne, NJ are getting a lot of calls from our past customers, as well as new homeowners, on how best to protect masonry during the winter. Keep reading to see what you should do, when to call a mason contractor in NJ, and keep your surfaces looking beautiful all year.

General Contractors Advise: Keep Masonry Clean and Clear
General contractors in NJ recommend keeping your property as clean and clear as possible to protect your masonry. That means washing away the summer dirt and debris from your sidewalk, driveway, or patio, and shoveling snow away promptly once it starts to fall. Well-poured masonry can stand up to rock salt or ice melt for many years, so go ahead and dump it on when the ice starts and stay safe.

Call a Masonry Contractor in NJ to Seal Pavers
If you have pavers as part of your landscaping, you should have these sealed by a professional masonry contractor at least every few years. This makes sure that they stay in place, resist the weather, and keep your visitors and residents safe. Having a professional contractor out to inspect your outdoor walkways is always a good idea, because we can identify and replace broken parts before someone trips.

Repair Your Walkways and Patios Before Winter
Walkways and patios don’t last forever, especially in NJ’s wild weather. But if you value the safety of your home, you should make sure to plan your repairs before the winter starts. Call a general contractor in Hawthorne, NJ to repair your surfaces, or re-pour new concrete while the weather is still cooperating.

Your outdoor space is just as important as the inside of your home, and needs ongoing maintenance and service. Masonry contractors in NJ are waiting to help restore your hard outdoor surfaces to safe condition and beautify your home.

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