Here’s Why You Should Remove That Old Storage or Septic Tank This Fall

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Here’s Why You Should Remove That Old Storage or Septic Tank This Fall

If you have a propane storage or septic tank, scheduling tank removal in New Jersey this fall is a smart idea. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why you should get old underground tanks removed from your property, and an expert team of excavation contractors in New Jersey can help you sort between your options. Keep reading to find out why that storage tank has got to go, and how you can make it easier for yourself by working with an expert excavation company.

Remove Underground Storage Tanks to Protect Your Well
If you have well water from a local well, you need to remove that old underground storage tank now! Did you know that nearly all of the tanks that RFC Excavation have removed, whether those were septic, natural gas, or anything else, still had product inside? Especially when talking about underground gas storage, this can lead to devastating chemicals leaching out into your well water. Don’t risk your ground water; remove that old tank.

Hire an Excavation Company in NJ to Protect the Environment
Should you remove old storage tanks on your property if you don’t have well water? If you care for the environment, it’s worth it. Just like an old, leaking storage tank can contaminate your well, it can contaminate rivers, streams, and air. Do the right thing and get that old tank removed safely by a skilled excavation contractor.

Let Residential Demolition Contractors in NJ Clear Your Path
Your excavation and contracting team in Hawthorne doesn’t just move dirt! We are also experts at helping you cut “red tape,” or getting clearance and approval for environmentally sensitive projects. Before you start removing an underground tank, you’ll need approval for the dig and the project, and a skilled team of contractors works with local regulators to get it done.

Don’t wait for underground tanks to cause problems before getting them removed. Be proactive and call a team of residential excavation contractors in Hawthorne to remove that tank today!

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